Video Interview with Pro-Surfer Augusto Olinto

Hey, guys!

It’s Dmitri here with our weekly update. I’m going to keep it short today. Last week our CTO and my co-founder Alex got to test the Boost fin with a Brazilian pro-surfer Augusto Olinto, who’s ranked 7th in the WSL in the Longboard tour. 

Alex: Augusto, today you’ve tried the Boost Fin. What do you think about the Boost Fin?
Augusto: So, today was the first time I did a test with the Boost Fin. I found it super easy, right in my first wave I already started surfing… It goes very easily into the wave – small waves, big waves…I had no trouble, even to maneuver it, it maneuvers very nicely, the board too – I had no trouble. I loved it, I liked it a lot.

If you want to see Augusto in action and hear more about his experience with the Boost fin, check out the video below:

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As always, thank you all for your support! Can’t wait for July to come to finally start shipping the Boost fins and see your awesome videos. 

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